23 July
Gabriel, O Pensador
Sunday - 22H00

Gabriel the Thinker needed 5 minutes and 44 seconds of "Linhas Tortas", the fifth track from his last album, "Sem Crise" (edited in 2013), to tell his story and his trajectory, his return to the studio after seven years Without releasing disc and everything that motivates him in life and motivated him in this work. "I shiver every time I sing this (music) show," says Gabriel.

Through the songs he shows his stage and disposition - the return to hip hop, use of electronic bases and the strong “flirt” with Brazilianness. Corruption, poverty, violence, alienation of the rich and politicians are often satirized themes in their musical chronicles. "Surfista Solitário" with and by Jorge Benjor, 1980, which is a samba-rap-rock to take off his hat, was the most played in the playlists throughout Brazil and Portugal as well, confirming what is heard at the beginning of the Disco: "Pensava que eu tava de bobo / de bobeira é que eu não tava / fiz de bobo quem pensava / fiz de bobo quem pensou!".

In 2013, the singer released a video clip, in honor of his father, the song "Muito Orgulho, Meu Pai". Last year he released the protest music "Chega", which is not about "anything specific, but about a much greater dissatisfaction, a legitimate fatigue of so much accumulated thing". This video released on youtube has reached more than 1 million seven hundred thousand views!

In October 2015, Gabriel recorded with the Portuguese band D.A.M.A the single "Não faço questão", a song that has "invaded" the playlists of Portuguese radio stations ever since, as one of the biggest hits of the year. All this mixed with great successes like "2345 half 78", "Loira Burra", "Festa da Música" or "Astronaut" and the shows will be as always ... explosives!

In 2017 Gabriel promises to continue to make Portugal his port of refuge, with a very special return, 4 years later, to the Festival Sumol Summer Fest in Ericeira.

Gabriel O Pensador came back, to fight the crisis!