19 July
A cappella Concerts: Andréanne Martin & PERRAS
Friday- 18H00 - Largo da Capela S. Sebastião

Duet of "Chanson Française" interpreted by the duet in residence formed by Adréanne Martin, dynamic and sensual singer with her own phrasing, we discover in this artist a great sensitivity, a vibrant force and an authentic fragility. After several television appearances, including the "La Voix" show in 2013, Andréanne launches her first EP "Mon beau bandit" in the winter of 2016. The following spring, Andréanne receives a scholarship from CALQ to Improve her feather next door of Francis Cabrel, the godfather of the Rencontres d'Astaffort in France. Now based in Montreal, the multidisciplinary artist Perras has been working professionally in the fields of theater, music and dance for nearly fifteen years. He discovered the complex world of musical comedy early on, which immediately embellishes his passion for performing arts.