18 July
Pinhão – Acoustic Sessions
Tuesday - 23H00

"Pinhão - Acoustic Sessions", an acoustic solo project initially founded by Vitor Pinhão, who started playing in bars, a repertoire essentially consisting of covers of rock themes that have marked generations over the years. After some time playing the solo, Vitor Pinhão decides to invite Rúben Matos (drummer, long time friend and former partner of other musical projects in common) to a concert, a concert that brought a new life to the project, and "Pinhão - Acoustic Sessions "became a project made up of 2 elements. Later, Pinhão decided to invite Joel Pereira (bass player and friend who also had already shared projects with Pinhão and Matos). With the entrance of Joel, "Pinhão - Acoustic Sessions" is then with its current formation where the chemistry between 3 great friends makes the music become something magical.

Some bands that are part of the repertoire:
Oasis; Radiohead; 4 Non Blondes; Alice in Chains; Pearl Jam; Stone Temple Pilots; Foo Fighters; Audioslave; Black Keys; Amy Winehouse; The Cranberries; The Strokes; entre outros.

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Vitor Pinhão - Lead Voice and Acoustic Guitar
Rúben Matos - Drums and Second Voices
Joel Pereira - Bass