13 July
Grupo Coral Ausentes do Alentejo
Saturday- 14H00-18H00 - City's Streets

The Ausentes do Alentejo Choral Group had its beginning in a tavern "A Parreirinha" in the village of Palmela. At the end of a long day of work a group of men gathered to drink and sing a "modinha" to remember the Alentejo. On April 25, 1985 they made the first presentation in public, later they formed an organized direction with their own statutes and the "Associação Ausentes do Alentejo" was born. Thirty-four years in the past, the Choral Group has recorded several recordings in the national market, collaborations in Theater, with F.I.A.R. and with Danc. & Arte. Throughout the year they have an average of 20 performances both in Portugal and abroad. In their live performances, they sing "modas" from the Cancioneiro Alentejano and also original "modas", this is their activity as ambassadors of Alentejana Culture.